November 09, 2006


It didn't take long for Brooklynn to like her first baby food.....well other then Banana's. She's been eating them for the last couple of weeks. She's just so HUNGRY!! She loved them anyways! But I think it'll be hard to find something she doesn't like! haha :)


Rachel said...

Dusty likes everything but GREEN food! Looks like little B is absolutely taken with sweet potatoes. MMMmmmm!

Terry said...

Hmm...Maybe Brooklynn should get together with that Ty.
He can eat the carrots and she can have the sweet potats!!! Ha!!
Too bad Dusty doesn't like the greens.
It would be like watching a rainbow coming to life seeing these younsters eating together and the gold at the END of that rainbow would be a nice big heaping bowl of CHOCOLATE ice cream!!! Love Terry