November 07, 2006

Gavin & Brooklynn

These are my precious Children, that I love and adore every day! WE had so much fun taking these pictures out back yesterday, Gavin had his "camera" and everytime I would take a picture of them two... he had to jump up and take one too. It's been such pretty weather lately too.

Brooklynn has turned 5 months now on sunday, so hard to imagine already. And Gavin can count to 10 now..... his nana was sure suprised when he did it one day! hehe Well he wants me to play with him before Brooklynn wakes I better get for now!!!! :)


Jessica said...

aw...what cute little babies! I love this pic Amber!~ He looks all grown up and she looks like a little doll propped on his back like that! LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Amber said...

Well glad you're still talking! :) Didn't know if you would or not.

But anywho... aren't these such cute pics for just OUR backyard..?? I love it, and we had so much fun taking them. I think i'm gonna go to wal-mart and make some thanksgiving pictures for the family. I thought that would be cute. And make some 5x7's and 8x10's.

But I agree, he looked SO GROWN up in these.. I just wanted to cry..*sniffle*
Thank ya Thanky ya! Luv ya,Amber

Rachel said...

um, (lol at myself) it took a few minutes to figure out why yu would go to wal mart to get fall pics done? I was thinking "man, maybe there is something to this walmart thing..I mean, I like wal mart but not enough to go there and get family pics done (where would I pose ? In the Diaper department--Lord only knows that I spend alot of time there?)
AND THEN (aha) I remembered that wal mart had a picture place there!? THAT was such a stupid blonde moment that I felt compeled to share! lol....rofl!

Amber said...

LOL... oh rach, If I could only meet you in person, we'd have a blast!! Yes, I meant make copies at the walmart photo center! hehe.. I think I should of explained that alittle more. They know me there, b/c I do so many copies! hehe I hear ya about the diapers!!