October 14, 2006


It has gotten so cool here lately... so I wrapped her up in this...
a mighty cute picture if you ask me !! :) I just love this blanket too!
So girley!!


Rach said...

Boy I wish I was snuggled up inbed and asleep right now too! It looks way too comfortable!
How are you all doing?
i love your comments on my site.

Amber said...

Hey Rach!
WE are doing good.. BRooklynn is teeth'n and she's having a really hard time with it. You couldn't even tell when Gavin was teeth'n! BUt every kid is different :)

Well she didn't stay all covered up for long, so I had to hurry and take the picture! I love your comments on my site also!!

Rach said...

What a goober, I can imagine how close that we all have to have our cameras around in order to get the pics that we get! ;-p

Dusty is my only one who is a really noticable teether. He will be 1 in Dec. , he only has one tooth , but it seems like he is presently working on quite a few!
Both my girls had started on teeth by 5 mo. , but the boys are late bloomers. "they" say that the later that your teeth come in the better the teeth(I guess the less time to get cavities)! WHATEVER!
It's all fun, isn't it?!

Jessica has been talking nonstop about her birthday and NEXT years, ect! lol. Man, it seems weird that she'll be 6 in 2 months..wow.I never thought that we would actually get to the point that our kids would get older, do school-work,ect! It is soo much fun. It also has it's crazy days ....but generally that just means that I am having a bad day! ha! ha!

Jessica said...

what a cozy pic! I love it!!!