October 17, 2006

Oh my son!!!

Now.... I know you're probably wondering what this picture is about... hehehe Well I had just bought a 12 pack of toilet paper, and while I was laying down for a nap (mind you this was sunday afternoon, so his daddy was here) he took all of them out and lined them up in front of the laundry room door!! It was funny...and then he stuck all of these toys in the middle of them.. LOL SO of course.. I HAD to take a picture!!! I wanted to share some of my laughter with you all!


Amanda said...

Okay, I have to comment on this one...what was that boy thinking??? Don't you just wonder what in the world they are pretending when they play like that? Too funny!! I love it. See ya at church!


Amber said...

I know it.. I wonder alot of times what he's thinking inside his little head. He has such a imagination. Noah's amazed at it. I thought you all might get a kick out of it!!
See ya tonight !!

Rachel said...

OK, I have NO idea how I could have missed this picture, but it is so cute. What a little booger!!!! I bet you were rolling in the floor after that one.