October 11, 2006

Brooklynn's 4-month Check-up...

Well.. I took Brooklynn for her 4 mo. check-up on Monday. She weighs 14 .9 lbs and is 24 1/2 inches long. She's growing really well and is doing great!! They went ahead and gave her, her shots too.. :( But she did so well and wasn't fussy till that next morning..in the wee hours...She's always talking to her brother and loves to watch him and see what he's doing. IT's so neat to watch him talking to her. ***************************************** Then yesterday we went over to my mom's house and spent the afternoon. Gavin always loves to see his nana and the kids of course!! He also asked for his birthday a puppy, rabbit and kitty ... but I told him that we could get one when we buy our own house, so that is what he tells people now when they ask him what he wants! hehe.. He's so funny!! **************************************** Oh I'm really liking that glittermyway.com i think that's what it is... it's so neat.. I have it as my background, "gavin's almost 3" and he thinks that's so neat. Just am doing some house-work today since I've been gone the last 2 days doing my own stuff... :) thanks for all the comments ...I LOVE THEM!!! Till later.......................... Amber

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