October 18, 2006

An Answer to prayer....!

Well I had to post a little note of praise.... I was just talking to Noah this past weekend that I needed to start buying Brooklynn some fall/winter clothes, and a coat. And that Sunday morning when we went to church, one of the ladies asked if I was in need of any little girl clothes, and I was like oh yes, very much!! So My hubby loaded them in the Jeep for me before church and after church I looked in the back and not only one trash bag full of girl clothes ...................................... BUT 3 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so thankful and excited........ and reminded how God does listen to our little prayers!! I had just gave a big trash bag of little boy clothes to a friend of mine here. I know how much if helps to have little baby clothes given to you! And Miss Brooklynn is doing alittle bit better....Just wants mommy to hold her, and so therefore I do... ;) Its so hard not too........ She's gave the rolling over a break for now and just turns around in circles on the floor, with her head in the same spot. It's rather funny to watch her!! Have i mentioned how COLD it is outside????? brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... I had to kick the heater on this morning , and I smelled gas, so had to have them come out and take a look at it. Thankfully it's just a small one, and nothing harmful to us. But am going to call and get that fixed anyways. Makes me a little nervous. Gavin's 3rd b-day is coming up as you all know. So we've planned alittle aprty for him, just family and he's so excited about it. It's hard b/c I want to buy him just ........EVERYTHING!!! We are doing his party in the Disney Cars.. He's never seen the movie, but that's what he picked out. haha I've got most everything done but the cake ordered (need to call on that soon huh) hehe... Okay...I think that's all for now. Love hearing from you all!!!!! ~ Love you...Amber ~

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Rach said...

Praise the Lord! I am so glad about your clothes being supplied...I am so excited that I have ray me in decided to have you pray me in some clothes for my girls...we need the same thing?! smile
I'm glad that brooklyne is feeling better!