September 13, 2006

Well, just had to post this cute little pictures of my babies :) and have to tell you this interesting story about Gavin, and him "cleaning the house " for mama! I was trying to take a quick chower before church and I got out and walked into the hallway and saw this white powder.....with little footprints in it...........EVERWHERE!!!! Well it was baby powder thankfully.. At first I was like " oh my what happened?" and then I walked into the front room and so many things was covered in baby powder!! On the couch, on the rug, in brooklynn's car seat, on his police car (mind you it's big enough for him to ride it) and i just HAD to take a picture of it.. so I'll have to post it sometime... but it was all over the floor.... a little trail..!!! So after trying to decide to laugh or cry i just laughed and started helping my hubby clean it up and soon we had this big cloud of white dust in our house... it was rather funny at that point. so to say the least... our house smells so much like a baby's butt it's not even funny!! haha But hey we did make it to church on time!! And he got to sit w/ his friend too. Does he look like he could do something like this in that picture?? haha...Okay get for now! Later..........Amber :)


Jessica said...

We'll be praying for him and you guys as well! I love the pictures! They're cute!

Amber said...

Oh thanks Jessica! It will be hard, but we know we are in alot of ppl's prayers! And I LOVE taking pictures of the kids! :)
~ Amber ~

Terry said...

Dear Amber...Such a cute story!! Don't you have a digital camera?
Now THAT would have made one cute picture or two or three or more!!
It is nice that you can laugh instead of getting mad..
We don't have any kids but when my cat Mr. Sir Galahad got into the toilet paper and unrolled it all over the place I did not laugh..
I told him him he was one bad putty cat!!And then I told him, "No more treats for you fellow for a least an hour!!
He was one fat cat that guy!!.....Love Terry

PS Thanks for stopping over to my site but you know, Amber I DID write to you a few days ago I think!! Ha!![on your September 10th post]

Amber said...

Hi Terry!
I DID take a picture of that story although the only one I could get really good lighting on is the police car he had POURED it on!! But I'll be downloading them soon! :) Later, Amber

Terry said...

Good Girl Amber!!You are a true photographer!!..Love Terry