September 12, 2006

This Is Gavin and I on the train ride at the fair. Grandma and Aunt Becca and Scott rode it with us also.


Terry said...

Dear Amber..This is such a cute picture!!
Isn't it nice having kids. Then you can use them for an excuse to ride on the train!!
Come in handy at Christmas too because then Dad and mama can pick them out fun toys that THEY themselves want to play with!! Ha!!
Anyways both of you look quite happy in this picture!
Gavin is a little darling by the looks of it!!.....Love Terry

Amber said...

Well thank you! He's a really good ad nsweet boy! Aleays telling us he loves us and giving us hugs druing the day all the time. (I hope it stays that way!) I used to not want kids, but God had other plans, and I'm so thankful for my two precious babies! We did have a blast riding the train!! He just waved at everybody as we was going by... it was funny! Amber