September 08, 2006

Our Labor Day Get-a-way!!

Well, we had a great time on our little trip! Very relaxing and we had a great time. WE ended up going to the Bass Pro Shop and oh how Gavin and his dad loved that! Gavin had so much fun getting on and off the boats & t he 4-wheelers. THey had this shooting range and he was so funny to watch. And of course us "girls" went shopping as well :) I Also wanted you all to pray for Noah's Dad, he got to come home for 10 days before he is shipped over to Iraq. As of right now he will be over there for 1 year . So Saturday we are going to the State Fair and spending the day with all of them. Gavin misses him alot and he calls him the "army papa" !! So pray that he will be safe and come home soon! And I'm sure we'll all have a great time this weekend! Would love to hear from some of you all, haven't in a week or so! So write and let me know how things are w/ you and your families! Till next time.... Amber ----am going to try and post some pictures of our trip if my computer will let me! ---

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