September 19, 2006

Miss Chubby Cheeks!

Well here is a picture of my baby girl.... I just had to share.. I have so many of them, it's hard to pick which ones to put on here!! But aren't those some cute cheeks? hehehe :) I will have to post some other pictures also... We went to my mom's house (nana's) this weekend and had a really good time. And tonight Gavin informed me that today, he was giving his Army man a bath, which was fine with me, but then he told me he gave him a bath in the toilet!!! Thank goodness I bleach the toilet often huh?? We also played outside this evening , it's been so nice and cool in the 70's here and cleaned out the jeep. Well I've got to get....write me! Love, Amber


Anonymous said...

Hi, Amber, it's me Rachel ( Jess and Amanda.s friends...if they'll claim me). Thanks for posting on my site. Your kids are really cute!
I didn't realize that your son's name is Gavin.....I may be confusing you all with someone else, but has your son been really ill in the past. If he has then I may know of ya'll more than I first thought...I'm excited to know! Well, I would love to ask you more, but I need to go. bye
Rachel Norwood
I don't know if you noticed or not , but I had to change my siteto .
Feel free to get on and chat...I'm always up for that.

Amber said...
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Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

Oh you two are so funny! Yes, Rachel...of course you are claimed! I bout died laughin at the "email addy" comment. addy is slang for address. too funny...

amber - can't wait til tomorrow - I'm looking forward to our visit!

See ya soon!

PS - Thank you for not having the word verification turned on...hehehe
love ya!

Terry said...

Hi Amber..Bathed him in the TOILET??
I have heard of a few cats that did that but you better tell Big Gavin that it is way too dangerous!!
After all what if LITTLE Gavin had decided to flush himself down the toilet!! No more army man!! Ha!! And after mama heard about it, no more hubby either!!... Just two little lonesome girls left!... Love Terry

That picture of the baby girl is so sweet. You can't see her little toe nails though. Are they pink this time?