September 26, 2006

Look at my big girl!

I took this picture last nite, and she was standing up, leaning on the couch all by herself...! She is wearing her new shoes, that mommy loves! *wink* I can't believe how much and fast she is growing up already on us... I thought I'd share my babies with you all! Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Ummm??? Did you change your background color or am I imagining things??
( ya, now that's your cue to say that it's been this way for weeks...sigh)

Amber said...

*giggle* you're a nute rach! Nope, I get so tired of seeing the same thing over and over you'll find I will change things often! Same way around my house! :) (my hubby just loves it) I think my mom passed it down to me, b/c she's the same way!

Anonymous said...

Now, the house changes I can definitely relate to. (smile)
My Dad used to get so sick of my constant rearanging of the house.
My Husband is getting use to it..ha ha!