September 23, 2006

Hello to all! I don't have much time, but thought I'd post these few pictures right now. I have some more that I can't wait to post.... but this was our little play-date at Amanda's house on Thursday. The kids had alot of fun, and Amanda and I actually got to sit and talk a little bit! haha But we have to go do some stuff this I've gotta run for now!...but will be back later !! :) Thanks for all your comments also...keep em' coming!! ~ Love Amber~


Anonymous said...

AH, visits with my fellow-emotional-basketcased-stressed out friends/Mom's are the BEST!
I'm so glad you guys had an awesome time. The kids loved it even more I bet!
My kids beg me to have friends over for sleep-overs and all sorts of things. man, I love my kids!

Amber said...

Well I haven't gotten to that stage yet.. of the friends coming over and all. But right now it's hard b/c our house is so small.. But it's nice to get out and about and let your kids play with other kids their ages!