August 29, 2006

A Mommy of Two..

Well Miss Brooklynn Got her 2 months shots yesterday... but is doing very well. I had given her Tyelon like an hour before we went and she cried for about 5 mintues and was asleep after that and slept all afternoon! She was hardly fussy at all and only woke up once during the nite. She was just alittle warm but not bad at all. So I'm thankful for that Gavin now has his stitches out and is doing fine. Going to post a picture I took of him "working outside " on here. It's too cute...and the cowboy boots... must be worn all the time b/c they are cool is what he told me! haha.. it's rather interesting some times, but as long as he's got some choes on I guess right? Well I need to get to doing some laundry and cleaning on this house. Gotta run for now! Until next time........Amber

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