August 24, 2006

Gavin & Brooklynn's Mama

Another Day in our home.. Today was a good day. The kids was good and we put Brooklynn in the saucer today and she LOVED it! She wants to walk so bad and move around. She was trying to bounce in it, it was so sweet to watch her little, chubby legs! and of course, I took several pictures! haha She is slepping almost through the nite now and in her own bed. Shes a very good girl.. :) Gavin just lined up his little hot wheels cars all along the front room today.... he played with them all afternoon. And after daddy got home we all went out to eat. It we all had a nice time. I need to get that online album made for you all. I will sarah.. I PROMISE!! (if my computer will let me) later.....


Peaches said...

hey sis1 love u!

Amber said...

Hey there!
Thanks for stopping in and checking the site out! I always look forward to hearing from you! have a great weekend!
Love from all of us! ~ Amber ~