August 23, 2006

Gavin & Brooklynn's Mama

Gavin & Brooklynn's Mama Well, Today is a new day, and we just got home from Brooklynns Doctor appt. a bit ago. Was a long adventure, but we made it ...FINALLY! I was given the wrong address, but anywho... Good news!! Brooklynn, as of right now, does not have to have any surgerys. Just a daily medicine that will help fight any infections that come her way. So that was aHUGE blessing to hear. Thank you Lord!! And the little turkey weighs 12 lbs now and is 24 1/2 in. long. She's growing really well. I"m not looking forward to getting Gavin's stiches out in a few days though...*yikes*... I can't wait till the weekend, we get our new jeep on Saturday!!! Well I've gotta start on some house work. Have a good day! ta-ta- Amber

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